Getting Grounded

I have recently moved to a whole new level of my discipleship with GOD, Christ, and the Ascended Masters, by realizing one simple key: in every moment, in every way, our example matters.

Now this was not an unfamiliar concept.  We have all heard the Be the Change slogans.  We know the golden rule.  But recently, I was struck by a test of faith that shook me to the core of my being, challenging me to evaluate myself and my life history in a profound way — to weed out what was preventing me from a more accelerated spiritual path.

I discovered two important things in this process:

1) It is easy to hide your avoidance issues in those of another; pretending to yourself that your actions are merely a response to your environment when this is actually an excuse for avoiding responsibility.

Example: “I can’t do X because my friend doesn’t want me to” — even though the ego is just using your friend’s resistance to cover up your own avoidance issues.

2) There are thousands of people being affected by our decisions and behavior in a non-local way at any given moment, and caring about our example is a key to our spiritual acceleration.

The first insight arrived in a fascinating moment of clarity. I had thought that I was a very honest person; honest with myself and honest with others, but the ego is very clever and devious in its ability to hide from responsibility. I discovered through another’s observations that I was avoiding a more grounded approach to solving my family’s problems and I was forced to turn within, to discover what I was running from and why.

When the Masters expect you to step up to the next level, you are forced to face the most subconscious and subtle ways that the ego manipulates to avoid what it fears.  Even when we have clear guidance, the ego will make the case that it knows better and will present you with alternatives.

In my case, I was guided to accept a menial job to save money for moving.  I had believed that I was too far along as a writer and a spiritual reader to have to take such a job just to get to somewhere that has better opportunities, but the Masters said this was a necessary part of my grounding, and who was I to disagree.

Fortunately, I am too dedicated to the spiritual path to run away from the opportunity to face my resistance. I consider any opportunity to give up more of my resistance to surrender to GOD a welcome one.  After all, that is what life’s challenges are all about.  Far better to deal with your fears through self compassion than to give the ego room to run from responsibility.

The second insight was something I had already pondered deeply for some time: the idea that, as way showers, we are demonstrating our surrender to GOD for an invisible audience of others who are seeking insight into the spiritual path. I had even been told by the Masters that the initiation of a single person into enlightenment can uplift millions, thus increasing the light capacity of the entire planet.

It is for this reason that we are scrutinized more heavily by the Masters when they consider our request for more GOD current flowing through our bodies.  The more GOD current we have flowing through us, the more influential our example becomes in the world, so the best way to raise your vibration is to truly care about your example.

When I first turned inward and discovered the well concealed influence of an egoic thoughtform I was appalled and embarrassed that I had stumbled in my training with the Masters, especially knowing how present they are as an audience to our growth.  I had thought I was a straight A student when it came to my spiritual training, but this was also part of the ego’s disguise.

The thoughtform was that of a previous incarnation of mine from India who had lived the life of a renunciant. In that life, I developed a belief that as a spiritual person I was meant to ascend beyond the world.  I had learned techniques for expanding the spiritual body and filling it with light, but this became an ungrounded obsession with escaping the material plane.  This part of me wanted to live in the etherial realm and avoid being touched by the world, staying far removed from it, as if to remain untainted by the trials of matter and disassociated from the memory of physical pain.

In the present life I thought that: If only my family and I could make it to a more metropolitan area I would attract enough clients for my readings that I would not need to take a regular job. This way I could stay focused on writing and home schooling our daughter.   Because of the support of our sponsor, I never thought I would have to find a job while still living in a small town, but after reaching an arbitrary move-by date while still lacking the resources to leave, I ran into the wall of my resistance to being grounded.

We were all ready to go, ready to take a leap of faith into the unknown when it became apparent that Spirit was not going provide the means for me to skip the test of grounding. I could literally feel this past incarnation of me protesting as I faced the resistance and committed myself to finding employment, and as I processed through it, it became clear to me why the Masters had insisted on a more grounded approach.

Moving your family from one state to another is a big deal.  The mind wants to go on the journey but the bodies involved are not free to move until every factor is accounted for: packing, storage, transportation, pets, savings, finding work.

A good friend of mine said recently that most disciples either need to get grounded or they need to learn how to take leaps of faith.  For me, it was Getting Grounded.

After the initial shock of finding out that our move would take longer and involve more work than we imagined, an amazing thing happened.  I started to feel my lightbody grounding! The resistance of the ego was being reigned in and I began to feel more GOD current flowing through my body.

I had stumbled on the spiritual path and yet my recovery has propelled me to a new level. Facing my resistant to being grounded has brought me to the next doorway of initiation.


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