GOD is My Elephant

After four blessed years of being sponsored while I work on a series of books, my family and I are letting go of our home in Oregon to pursue new and exciting opportunities.

I know you are all wondering: “When will your books be published?” Personally, I think they are meant to come out after we get past the whole 2012 ordeal.

So many channels and spiritual writers have been viewing the future through the lens of the 2012 hype, thinking humanity’s peak transformation will happen by the end of that year.  But, as we progress into 2012, you will see more and more people backing away from their predictions.  It is a little like Y2K.  Don’t get me wrong, it is going to be an exciting year, but much of what people are predicting will take more time to unfold and there is a lot of illusion being passed around as prophesy.

When I asked my angelic guides about it, they said that they could not even predict when the peak of our planetary transformation will occur, but one thing is certain:  a lot of spiritual books are about to become outdated, and that will be the opportune time to launch something new.

So here’s the kicker.  Our sponsorship has run out, and yet it is not time to publish our books; and there is not enough money flowing to keep our home here on the Oregon Coast.  So, we are letting it go into foreclosure and heading to a more metropolitan area, to explore sharing our talents and messages with more people.

This past August I had the opportunity to have lunch with a Living Master, known as Pranananda, and I shared with Him my family’s dilemma about what to do next. He suggested a move to Orange County, to be more connected with the world.  This was quite an unexpected surprise for my family and yet there is something new and lighter that is calling us to move in this direction.

Afterwards, I had a vision that I saw us traveling south and there was an elephant journeying with us.  I knew this was Ganesha and I heard my soul speak the words: “GOD is My Elephant.”

This was later confirmed for me in meditation when I received a beautiful affirmation of support for our move, directly from GOD, and I knew that GOD would be with us on the journey, removing the obstacles in our path.  We were meant to demonstrate what it means to be on a faith journey with GOD.  It is a path of unending miracles.

Susan and I both meditated on the potential of this move and we both got the same thing.  It is time to let go and trust where GOD wants to take us, and it looks like GOD wants to journey with us to California.  Now our family affirmation is: “GOD is our Elephant.”   Our daughter, Annika, even won a pink elephant while playing games at the state fair, which has become our mascot for the journey.

I have chosen to start this new blog to document our faith journey with GOD, and to share the insights and visions I am constantly receiving about our shared human destiny.  I hope you will journey with us through this blog and share in the inspiration.


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  1. Hi Michael,

    I think many spiritual folks have been searching for their place in this shift and have had the expectation that our work on this planet was to prepare an event leading to a 2012 crescendo, welcoming a complete shift in reality over night. However, it seems that 2012 is just the beginning of the real work as the need for integration increases.

    We humans need time to integrate the shift into all aspects of our lives. To unlearn and to relearn. Much of our work is to help all do just that by serving as way showers on this planet by allowing tools like your book, Michael, to come through, and by also serving as models through our own way of being in this world.

    In allowing this new energy to be expressed through us in our work and all aspects of our personal lives, we help expand the lens of awareness through a window of new possibilities. For some this will be a gradual experience of watching the walls of limitation crumble.

    If we pay attention you can see that it is happening already in very beautiful and subtle ways as new possibilities begin to trickle down into all systems of society.

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